About Us

About us

Apollo Health is a digital platform for health professionals to capture their patient’s medical history and current health status. This is a cloud based solution allowing access to patient information from anywhere.

Capturing of medical records on paper limits healthcare professionals geographically. They will not have access to this information unless they are present in their consulting rooms. Hospital charts can also only be examined if these professionals are physically present near their patient’s bed. With the progress in digital technology this can be improved.

With Apollo Health, medical professionals are able to see their patient’s test results or their progress in hospital from their consulting rooms or from home without having to visit the patient bed. Visiting the patient bed is important and this does not replace those visits. Digitizing the process helps to make the information available on demand rather than prolonging any decisions based on not having enough historical info on hand.

Doctors that practice at different facilities will have access to their patient’s record and consult patients from different locations.